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Staying Healthy as CNA

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Nurses constantly put their health on the line. Long, laborious hours while risking exposure to disease all add up. Even more than most jobs, consciously working on your well-being is important. When you maintain your health, your work becomes that much less tiring and stressful. To get you started, here are a few healthy habits you should consider adopting!

A simple place to start is the matter of hydration. Drinking water regularly is a great habit to stay healthy as a CNA. Dehydration directly leads to dizziness, fatigue and hunger. It is strongly recommended that you bring a large water bottle to work so you can drink at regular intervals. Make sure you are hydrating with water, as sugary or caffeinated beverages often have the opposite effect. On the subject of intake, Healthy nurses can benefit from a balanced and nutritional diet. It strengthens your immune system, fills you with much needed energy and covers for nutritional gaps..

How else can you stay healthy as a CNA? Well, another critical point is an active life outside of work. Regular exercise is a great habit a CNA can build to stay healthy. You can work in runs before your shift, or mild exercise after. Yoga is a fantastic way to simultaneously relax while burning calories and stretching your muscles. Outside of working out, maintaining a healthy social life is good for your mental health. When the mind is taken care of, the body benefits as well.

Personal hygiene is also crucial for a healthy CNA’s lifestyle. When you are exposing yourself to sick patients every day, neglecting to wash your hands could lead to unwanted colds or worse. Integrate hygiene practices into an easy-to-follow routine. It is also advised that you stay on top of all your checkups. If you regularly visit your doctor, you will have a clearer picture of your health status. Regular check-ups also let Certified Nursing Assistants intercept small problems early, before they can become bigger complications.

Lastly, knowing when to take a breather is vital. Working well past your limit will all but ensure traumatizing burnout. Resting when you need to is how nurses stay healthy. This gives you time to gather your thoughts, close your eyes or browse your social media. At home, getting lots of sleep is arguably the best tip to stay healthy as a nurse. When you are well rested, you are stronger, sharper and more present. Stick to a good, well defined sleep schedule so your body will get used to resting and waking up at consistent times.

In the middle of a hectic work schedule, it is easy to take the simple things for granted. You want to build healthiness into a habit. As long as you commit yourself to these simple goals daily, you will see both your quality of life and the quality of your labor improve significantly. After all, you can only work better when you are strong. A healthy Certified Nursing Assistant is a happy and productive one.

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