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Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA)

CNAs are primarily responsible for providing care for patients, under the supervision of a nurse. They typically assist their patients with daily routine tasks such as bathing and dressing, eating and moving patients between beds.  Depending on the state, CNAs can even administer medication. No degree requirements and a minimum age of 16-18 (Depending on the state) makes it a very accessible entry-level position.

Duration to become a CNA

1 to 4 months


Average salary: CNA

$38,554/Year (Source: Indeed)

How to become a CNA:

Different states have different CNA requirements. Get started with this quick step-by-step guide on how to become an CNA. Read more.

CNA to RN Transition

While you carry out your duties as a CNA, you can work towards advancing your career to Registered Nurse (RN). In comparison, RNs directly coordinate and implement patient care plans with their superiors. Read more.

Opportunities for Career Advancement

CNAs can work towards positions with higher pay, increased responsibilities and even more opportunities to move up the ladder. Read more.

Paying for CNA education

Few healthcare students can pay for their training out of pocket. If you need help covering those costs, there are a few options available for you. Read more.

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